About Us

Established in 2008, Vidya Bhawan Gandhian Institute of Educational Studies is sharply focused on preparing teachers having deeper understanding of Gandhian principles of education applicable in the present scenario when the human society is striving for sustainable, harmonious and peaceful living.

Vidya Bhawan Gandhian Institute was inaugurated on 14th November 2008 by eminent Gandhian thinker and former Chancellor of Gujarat University Late. Shri Narayan Bhai Desai.

The idea of the Institute emerged from the need to nurture teachers having an understanding of the Gandhian concept of education. Since 1941, Vidya Bhawan Basic School had been functioning on the principles of Basic Education. It was felt that for such schools sensitive teachers are needed who can harmonize the development of self, society and nature.

The institute is looking forward to function as a composite unit form session 2016-17, working closely with Vidya Bhawan Kala Sansthan Shikshak Prashikshan Vidyalaya (BSTC), to bring the quality of our teacher education to next level. 

Dear Readers,

Vidya Bhawan Gandhian Institute of Educational Studies is an innovative and experimental institute that ensures a high standard of education by imparting value-based Teacher Education with emphasis on preparing prospective teachers as a responsible citizens through value oriented community service programs which is the demand of the changing society.
I welcome you and am happy that you have expressed interest to know more about, or join our institution-VBGIES. Our long term goal is to develop a generation of well informed, sensitive, emotionally sound and socially responsible elementary, primary and secondary teachers.
What sets us apart from other teacher training colleges is that we are a part of the Vidya Bhawan family and strongly believe that it is important to promote Gandhian values and thoughts in today’s materialistic world. Character building and citizenship education are our foundation.
At the same time, we believe in providing opportunities for capacity building of our staff and students so that they are abreast with modern teaching-learning methods including the latest developments in technology and are in a position to provide a platform for holistic development of the young generation of learners in times to come.
We have qualified, competent, faculty members who assist and guide in achieving these and objectives and leading us to the path to success..

Dr. Bhagwati Ahir


Shri K.L. Bordia Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta Dr. K.L. Shrimali
Vidya Bhawan was founded by Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta along with his close associates Dr. K.L. Shrimali and Shri K.L. Bordia in 1931. Ahead of its time, Vidya Bhawan was modeled on the principles of Boy Scout Movement. As opposed to the feudalistic society, the objective was to provide uncommon education to common children. The aim was to build a responsible citizenry capable of serving and transforming society.

Originally started as a modest effort, Vidya Bhawan has flourished into a bouquet of over a dozen institutions committed to quality and excellence in the field of education.  Shri Ajay S. Mehta is the President of Vidya Bhawan Society.

Vidya Bhawan Society, in its objective of creating a more just, democratic, equitable and pluralistic society, has been catering to the needs of diverse sections of learners which is reflected in the nature and work of all its institutions.
  • To provide facilities for the full and harmonious development of each individual child according to its own aptitudes;
  • To cultivate in the children a broad and open minded outlook on life;
  • To enable the children to adjust themselves to their environment;
  • To prepare useful citizens with a keen sense of duty and responsibility towards society; and
  • To utilize scientific methods of child training.
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