Special Features of The B.Ed. Programme

Theory Transaction

To engage our student-teachers in active learning strategies like brain storming sessions, group discussions, panel discussions, nature study, excursions, field trips, extension lectures by experts, workshops, team teaching and assignment presentation by the student-teachers are adopted in theory classes. The student-teachers are required to make presentation on different themes of education. The emphasis is on self learning and reflection.

Teaching Practice

Teaching practice is one of the strong components of curriculum transaction in the institute. Prior to the actual teaching practice in schools, students are given experience of pedagogical skills by intensive orientation and feedback through workshops on framing and implementation of lesson-plans. The student-teachers go through thorough practice sessions under the guidance of experienced faculty members. Internship is compulsory for all student-teachers. They are required to work as full time teachers and gain experience in understanding the functioning of the school.

Special Emphasis on Preparing Teachers For Smart Class

Computer application is a compulsory qualifying component in the curriculum. Student-teachers have to acquire necessary skills in computers so that they can access latest developments and utilize them in framing lessons, assignments and sessionals.


Workshops are organized throughout the year and student-teachers are required to participate and deliberate on different themes; such as -
  • Peace Education based on Gandhian Values. 
  • Role of youth in conflict resolution
  • Preparing teaching learning material
  • Text book review
  • Sustainable Development practices
  • Gandhi’s Gram Swaraj and modern scenario

Open Air Session

Student-teachers are given exposure of community learning and living together in a five days special program. Students study and understand the local environment. Special features of this program include rigorous planning about the study objectives, construction of the tools for data collection, community study and interaction through surveys and data collection, analysis of the data and exhibition of charts and models based on the findings. Cultural program, camp fire, community service, community education and maun-vela (silence-hour) are part of the schedule. The student-teachers reflect upon their experiences gained during Open Air Session and articulate them in their teaching and learning.

Special Emphasis on Gandhian Component of Education

Understanding Gandhian Philosophy of EducationTo develop a thinking on the peaceful resolution of local and global problems, B.Ed. students are required to undergo intensive study of Gandhian literature followed by developing pedagogical strategies and teaching-learning material. They also make presentations and participate in discussions to develop insight on Gandhian philosophy.


The institute accords its faculty members and B.Ed. students with the opportunity to participate in national and international seminars and conferences. The institute organised a two days National work shop on "Peace Education based on Gandhian Values" on 14th-15th March 2016 with the objective of empowering teacher educators as peace educators. The resource persons were Shri S. Kulandai smai and his team from Chennai Gandhi Peace Foundation Center and Gujrat Vidya Peeth.  


A comprehensive and continuous assessment of both curricular and co-curricular activities is done throughout the session. Peer and self evaluation strategies are also incorporated. Final evaluation includes both external and internal assessment of student-teacher.
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